William Shakespeare

"Friend, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears.."-william shakespeare  

Who is Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare is one of, if not the most well known theater writers. He wrote many poems, sonnets, and plays. Some of his more famous plays are "Romeo and Juliet", "Julius Caesar", and "Hamlet". He was alive from 1562-1616, but 90% of all American high school students still today study his work. Shakespeare also invented over 1700 new words into the English language. Here are some of the more common words Shakespeare invented.

accommodation, aerial, amazement, apostrophe, assassination, auspicious, baseless, bloody, bump, castigate, changeful, clangor, control, countless, courtship, critic, critical, dexterously, dishearten, dislocate, dwindle, eventful, exposure, fitful, frugal, generous, gloomy, gnarled, hurry, impartial, inauspicious indistinguishable, invulnerable, lapse, laughable, lonely, majestic, misplaced, monumental, multitudinous, obscene, palmy, perusal, pious, premeditated, radiance, reliance, road, sanctimonious, seamy, sportive, submerge, suspicious.


Shakespeare's Start

Shakespeare started out writing plays for the Lord Chamberlain Company in 1594. He is known to have played in some of their plays and there is even a legend that he played as the ghost in Hamlet. Shakespeare was probably one of the original members of the Company. Shakespeare spent most of his life working there.


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